Kitchen Renovation

This customer wanted to use their walkout basement as an apartment. So a kitchen and bathroom needed to be added. In order to have enough space for the new additions, a major renovation was in order. We were able to utilize a former utility garage that had been used as a storage room for a while.


The real problem was how to get drains from the Kitchen and bathroom up to the lines that went to the septic. We discussed a few options with the customer, including a new septic, and it was decided to install a grinder pump.

We were able to move the laundry room into the old garage and form an attractive and practical entry/mud room with the washer and dryer as well as a walk in coat closet. In the other half of the old garage we installed the new kitchen. And finally in what was the old laundry room and utility room we were able to install the new bathroom along with new utilities.

This photo has most of the work done but if you compare it to the main photo it has all the extra finishing in place.  This is what it looked like before the finishing touches!

Basement Story

This customer had a typical northeast basement which was unfinished with exposed utilities. The customer had a growing family and wanted another bedroom, bathroom, and a living room. The problem was how to make it look nice without disrupting the mechanicals to the rest of the house.

We were able to position the utility room in such a way as to hide most of the bigger pipes in one mechanical room.  An attractive drop ceiling in other areas allowed access to the mechanicals above while making the ceiling look finished. Some other trick we’ve used are hiding necessary soffits in tray and parquet ceilings.

This customer chose carpet to add to the warmth and comfort of the basement. We only recommend this if your basement has zero moisture. A good option for a below grade floor it tile while not as cozy as carpet it is not prone to moisture related issues;  and with today’s tile choices there are many attractive options.

In the end the customer had a beautiful and comfortable space that was previously largely wasted




Bathroom Makeover

This Customer had an awkward corner shower that didn’t quite fill the floor space and left an unusable section of the bathroom that collected clutter. The finishes were very dated and the fixtures needed to be replaced. A complete bathroom renovation was in order.

Although they were looking for a total bathroom remodel they were looking at premade shower units and felt very limited by those options. The bathroom was just a little (8”) larger than most stock shower units. They were also planning for the future and were looking of ease of entry and a seat but didn’t like the sterile look of the premade units. So we suggested a custom tile shower and went over design options such as a seat, niches, curb height and decorative details. We designed a shower that was easy to get in and out of, had a seat and the option for grab bars if needed down the road.

If you like the idea of a tile shower but wonder if it can be done in your bathroom renovation because of the age of the house look at some of the thing we had to do with this one…Leveling the floor, keep in mind this is before the pan was installed. Squaring and plumbing the walls. Nothing shows crude framing like straight and true grout lines so we make it a habit to shim level and square the walls in all our remodels.


Amazing Porch Transformation!

"Jonathan and his crew from Blackleaf Construction took my tumble-down sun porch and transformed it into a terrific new kitchen, dining area and sun room. We ripped out the old kitchen, enlarged the living room and then enclosed part of the deck as a screen porch. My tiny river cottage has morphed into a serene haven overlooking the river and has become my favorite place to be. Blackleaf were great to work with and weren’t bothered by sudden changes or alterations in the original plans that I kept tossing out.