Bathroom Renovation & Makeover

This bathroom makeover customer had an awkward corner shower that didn’t quite fill the floor space and left an unusable section of the bathroom that collected clutter. The finishes were very dated and the fixtures needed to be replaced. A complete bathroom renovation was in order. Although they were looking for a total bathroom remodel they were looking at premade shower units and felt very limited by those options. The bathroom was just a little (8”) larger than most stock …

Amazing Porch Transformation!

"Jonathan and his crew from Blackleaf Construction took my tumble-down sun porch and transformed it into a terrific new kitchen, dining area and sun room. We ripped out the old kitchen, enlarged the living room and then enclosed part of the deck as a screen porch. My tiny river cottage has morphed into a serene haven overlooking the river and has become my favorite place to be. Blackleaf were great to work with and weren’t bothered by sudden changes or alterations in the original plans that I kept tossing out.